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affordable alcohol testing solutions

We provide a variety of cost-efficient alcohol testing solutions for businesses and individuals. We provide the answers you need when you are creating a safe working environment or to follow legal obligations.

Convicted of a DUI in Michigan? You are required to have results from a 12-panel drug test with at least 3 specimen validity tests. TestSource Lab works with individuals, attorneys and magistrates to provide drug testing to meet all State requirements.

Alcohol Testing Solutions

TestSource Lab understands the legal requirements for you or your business.     As the testing regulations and policies continue to change, you need a partner who understands the legal requirements.

  • PBT Preliminary Breath Tests
  • Breath Alcohol Tests – DOT & Non-DOT
  • Rapid EtG Testing - 80 hour lookback
  • Lab EtG Testing - 80 hour lookback
  • PEth - 21 Day Lookback Blood Tests
  • Hair EtG - 90 Day Lookback Tests
  • Drivers License Restoration Drug Tests
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Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT)
BAT is a reliable & certified method of determining the the alcohol content of the employee immediately at the time of testing. The window of detections is approximately 12 hours.


PEth 21-Day Look Back Detection
A PEth test is obtained by a blood draw and provides data on alcohol use for the past 21 days. The PEth test is used when the period of detection has passed for a BAC or EtG test. Phosphatidylethanol is a 100% alcohol-specific biomarker with a three week window of detection.

Urine & Hair

EtG Testing for Alcohol
Ethyl Glucuronide is a byproduct of alcohol when it is metabolized in the liver. The window of detection can range from 72 hours to 90 days depending on the test performed.

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