TestSource Lab is Conducting Court-Admissible DNA Tests!


With the COVID-19 restrictions lifting in Michigan, courts are back in business to settle DNA paternity testing. TestSource Lab has relations with many family practice attorneys, magistrates, judges and courts to provide accurate AABB certified DNA results. With over 10 years of conducting DNA paternity testing, TestSource Lab is the proven choice for hundreds of…

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TestSource Lab Offers a Multitude of DNA Testing Services

We can perform prenatal paternity DNA testing, gender identity testing of your fetus, court admissible DNA testing, sibling ship testing and many others. TestSource Lab offers very reasonable pricing and our service to help explain the right test for you makes us the best! Most court-ordered DNA paternity testing for SW Michigan is done at…

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Michigan’s Driver’s License Restoration Tests

Convicted of a DUI in Michigan? You are required to have results from a 12-panel drug test with at least 3 specimen validity tests. TestSource Lab works with individuals, attorneys and magistrates to provide drug testing to meet all State requirements. At TestSource Lab, we provide a variety of cost-efficient alcohol testing solutions for businesses…

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COVID-19 Takes a Dramatic Toll on the US.

COVID-19 Michigan

TestSource Lab is committed to providing accurate and reliable testing during the COVID-19 pandemic. We remain open from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday – Friday for all testing; blood tests, TB testing, flu shots and exams are open from 8:00 am – 2:30 pm each day. Please stay safe and follow all CDC guidelines…

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Prenatal Non-Invasive DNA Paternity Testing

Did you know that we can help pregnant moms-to-be identify the paternity of the father as soon as 10 weeks into the pregnancy? TestSource Lab partners with Ravgen to offer prenatal non-invasive DNA tests. A simple blood test is taken from the mother to isolate the DNA of the fetus and then compares it to…

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Flu Shots – $30

TestSource Lab is again offering flu shots starting in late September! No physician’s orders are required and appointments are also not needed. We are using the quadrivalent flu vaccine again this year to offer the most protection available. What is quadrivalent flu vaccine? A quadrivalent influenza (flu) vaccine is designed to protect against four different…

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