What is a legal DNA test?

What is a legal DNA test?

When we refer to a “legal DNA test,” we mean one that is court admissible. These are typically ordered as part of a custody battle in order to determine the paternity of a child, but the results may also be included in legal proceedings for obtaining Social Security Death Benefits, insurance, tax and other purposes.…

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Can You Get a Paternity Test While Pregnant?

Can You Get a Paternity Test While Pregnant

You can get a paternity test while pregnant. This is becoming a common DNA test that is non-invasive, does not require a physician’s order and provides results within nine days.  The woman, future father and their families are increasingly seeking assurance that the future father is indeed correctly identified during the pregnancy. A safe, simple,…

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How Are DNA Paternity Tests Done?

Paternity DNA Testing in Kalamazoo - TestSource Labs

Who is the father? That’s the question DNA paternity tests answer. Any paternity test looks to determine if a particular man is the father of a child. The DNA paternity test is the best option to answering this question. People looking to get these tests done have many questions. So, how are DNA Paternity tests…

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Flu Shots! Now through May, $30!

Flu Shots at TestSource Lab in Kalamazoo

Avoid the flu this winter with a flu shot from TestSource Lab. Come on in now through May and get your flu shot for only $30! We offer the Quadrivalent flu vaccine which vaccinates against four flu strains — two A strains and two B strains. Protect you and your family. Schedule an appointment or…

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Health Care Employment Law Summit 2019: Marijuana in the Workplace

Wresting with Weed in the Workplace, Testing for Marijuana by TestSource Lab

Last month, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking at the 2019 Health Care Employment Law Summit in Chicago. You can view a copy of my presentation below. The topic, “Wrestling with Weed in the Workplace”,  is current and very important to employers, given the changing landscape towards legal use of cannabis. Employers will want…

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Flash Sale! August 27th Only

Flash Sale Blood Test August 27, 2019

Tuesday, August 27th, we are offering blood type tests for only $5. All other diagnostic blood tests are 50% off for the 27th only. Results in 24 – 48 hours sent securely to you or your physician via email. We have 3 trained phlebotomists on staff with years of experience to help ease the anxiety…

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Drug Screening at Full Employment

Drug Screening at Full Employment - TestSource Lab

Should You Drug Test That New Hire? With national unemployment at 3.7% and Kalamazoo’s own unemployment rate dropping to 3.9%, many employers are questioning if continuing to do drug tests might be hurting their chances of landing that important new hire. And that’s not even taking into account the legal status of marijuana in Michigan.…

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I’m Speaking at the Employment Law Summit in Chicago this Month

Health Care Employment Law Summit

If you’re in the Chicago area on August 15th, I’ll be presenting an important topic in today’s business environment: “Wrestling with Weed in the Workplace: Health Care Employers Face Medical and Recreational Marijuana Use” Here’s a short description: “This presentation will offer insight into the challenges that confront health care employers when laws permit recreational…

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Marijuana Use by Michigan Employees

Michigan Legal Marijuana and the Workplace - TestSource Lab

With the passage of legal recreational marijuana in 2018, Michigan employers might be tempted to drop testing for marijuana use in their employees, or their drug and alcohol testing programs entirely. Maintaining a tight corporate drug testing policy is just as important as ever, in order to keep your workforce safe and productive. According to…

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Corporate On-Site Drug Testing

On-site Drug Testing for Employers- TestSource Lab

Doing on-site drug, alcohol, and wellness testing offers companies a way to stay compliant with their drug and alcohol policies, save time and money with the process, while ensuring the best possible results. Read on to learn more about on-site drug testing. What is on site drug testing? With on-site drug testing, we come to…

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