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TestSource Lab is a business in West Michigan that is locally owned since 2010 by a Human Resource Director (SPHR) with over 25 years of  HR experience.


We understand the time and work that Human Resources and business owners put into hiring and retaining good employees.  We help employers with effective drug & alcohol testing programs and can perform criminal background checks.  No employer is too small or large for us to work with.  

We are glad to travel to your location to test at your site! 

Why Should employers drug test their employees?

  • When employers stopped drug testing during COVID-19, post-accident drug positivity soared  by 17 percent across all industries.  According to a First Advantage Corporation report in October, 2021.

  • pre-employment drug testing can help mitigate on-the-job substance abuse that leads to increased workplace risk and accidents.

  • Employers with a vested interest in promoting workplace safety are strongly encouraged to continue testing for marijuana and consult with their in-house legal counsel on specific screening restrictions and guidelines.


We are glad to travel to your location to test at your site! 

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Ensure that your business is hiring the best employees.  Let your competitors hire the rest.

TestSource Lab is your partner in the Human Resources functions.  We offer many testing services to help your business run efficiently, including:

  • Mobile On-site testing
  • Drug Testing for pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion
  • Alcohol Testing
  • Quick Results including Rapid Tests
  • Random Pool Administration – Non-DOT & DOT
  • Flu Shots
  • Wellness & Biometric Screening
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Reference Checks
  • Educational Verification
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We conduct criminal background checks to help employers screen and hire safe candidates!