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At TestSource Lab, our reputation for excellent customer service comes from our ability to go above and beyond for our clients. We offer a variety of reliable drug testing services.

Drug Testing Solutions

Individuals can order their own drug tests without a physician or court order and do not need an appointment. TestSource Lab works closely with individuals, attorneys, courts, and employers to help determine the best and most cost-efficient drug test for each case.

We follow the standards set by the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) and use SAMHSA-certified labs for confirmation testing. We also offer Medical Review Officer (MRO) services for a specialty trained physician to contact employees in the event of a positive drug test. Compliant with HIPAA, the physician determines whether the positive drug test is the result of a prescription and can overturn a positive test result into a negative to avoid falsely accusing an individual of using drugs illegally. This ensures that our drug testing results are reliable and court-admissible. Contact us for a results-oriented program that will identify drug users without shutting your business down.

Urine is the most commonly tested specimen. However, there are other specimens that we can test to achieve the result that focuses on the detection time you require.

  • 5 or 10 Panel Drug Tests
    Popular options for testing either urine or saliva (oral fluid) test for the presence of either 5 or 10 drugs. We consult with you, your business, attorney or court system to ensure that your goals are met and that you are in full compliance of any circumstances that you may face.
  • Rapid or Lab Based
    Rapid immunoassay testing of urine or saliva provides screening results in 5 minutes so many individuals, courts and employers chose this option. If you prefer, we can send specimens directly to the lab for screening and confirmation results that are typically returned within 2 business days.
  • Urine, Hair, Saliva or Sweat Patches
    There is no one “cookie cutter” approach to drug testing and you should base drug testing to achieve the most precise results that you need. TestSource Lab will work with you to suggest the correct specimen based on the detection time, reduction of tampering issues and the ease of administration to suite your individual needs.
  • Passive Exposure Hair Testing
    Used often in child custody cases, passive exposure can determine if your child has been in contact with drugs that have been used in their environment. Residue from drug use is left where children live and interact. Passive exposure identifies contact with the residue as opposed to having ingesting the drug.
  • Driver’s License Restoration Tests
    Convicted of a DUI in Michigan? You are required to have results from a 10-panel drug test with at least 3 specimen validity tests. TestSource Lab works with individuals, attorneys and magistrates to provide drug testing to meet all State requirements.
  • Synthetic Opioid Testing
    According to the CDC, Synthetic opioids are a class of drugs that are designed to provide pain relief, mimicking naturally occurring opioids such as codeine and morphine. They tend to be highly potent, which means only a small amount of the drug is required to produce a given effect. They include drugs like tramadol and fentanyl. Death rates involving synthetic opioids are continuing to increase. In 2017, more than 28,000 deaths involving synthetic opioids (other than methadone) occurred in the United States, which is more deaths than from any other type of opioid. TestSource Lab offers a synthetic opioids panel that can be ordered to detect drug use.
  • Marijuana Only Testing
    Marijuana use was approved by voters in Michigan but it remains illegal under Federal laws and many families & businesses choose not to allow use. Use by those less than 21 years old is illegal and the Department of Transportation prohibits it as well. Parents regularly order testing for their high school and college aged children and it is commonly tested in family court and employment settings. Available in rapid testing only.
DOT Alcohol Testing, Kalamazoo - TestSource Labs


    • Consultation with an experienced HR professional
    • Review of policies & practices to provide the optimal testing programs
    • On-site testing at your location!
    • DOT testing services by certified professionals
    • Random pool selection & consortiums
    • Pre-employment, random & reasonable suspicion testing available
Drug Test, Saliva, Kalamazoo - TestSource Labs
Drug Testing in Kalamazoo, TestSource Lab


At TestSource Lab, our tests are just as unique as the individual. Depending on which drugs we are testing for and how quickly results are needed, our staff will recommend a test that is specific to those needs.

  • Urine Testing
    Often the most common and affordable, we provide the standard 5 and 10 panel urine tests among dozens of other options depending on the situation. Many tests are same-day test results and can be available while you wait.
  • Hair Testing or Hair Follicle Testing
    Hair specimens are cut with a scissors and can be collected from the head, chest, stomach, or armpits. They are very difficult to tamper and have a look back detection time of 90 days.
  • Oral Fluid (Saliva)
    Oral fluids are very difficult to tamper with and simple to administer. We can obtain 5 or 10 panels with rapid or lab only tests and have a look back detection time of between 30 minutes and up to 48 hours.
  • Passive Exposure
    Sometimes called environmental exposure it is the perfect test when children are suspected of drug exposure/endangerment by adults using drugs in the presence of children, hair testing is more often utilized. A specialty test that can determine both environmental exposure and consumption and is approximately 1,000 times more sensitive for Methamphatamines than urine.

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