Flu, Clinical & Wellness Testing Services

preventative services to stay healthy

Preventive health and wellness testing are paramount.  Being knowledgeable in health & wellness best practices can help in avoiding risky situations.  TestSource Lab offers preventative services, education and assessments to help individuals and businesses remain healthy, happy and productive.

Flu, Clinical & Wellness Testing Solutions

At TestSource Lab, we combine our education and years of experience in healthcare, labs & urgent care settings to provide individuals, schools and businesses with the clinical & wellness services that you need. Our Medical Director has authorized us to conduct many types of tests including those below so you do not need to have your physician order any of these services. Sorry we do not accept insurance although we can provide you information on the tests if you send in your own claim. Results are HIPAA compliant. No appointments are required and contact us for more information!

  • TB Skin Tests
    The standard recommended tuberculin test is the Mantoux test, which is administered by injecting a 0.1 mL of liquid containing 5 TU (tuberculin units) PPD (purified protein derivative) into the top layers of skin of the forearm. Certified staff reads the skin tests 48-72 hours after the injection ($25).
  • Flu Shots
    Prevent the flu with our Quadrivalent flu vaccine — this vaccine offers protection against four strains: two A strains and two B strains. Families and businesses reap tremendous rewards by preventing the flu. Flu shots are required for those entering healthcare settings ($30).
  • Wellness & Biometric Screening
    Both individuals and businesses understand the benefit of evaluating wellness and treating symptoms before they become serious. Onsite testing is available for businesses or have them conducted in our clinic ($50).
  • Titers
    Used in all healthcare and clinical student settings, titers examine the body’s level of immunity to several forms of diseases. Titers prevent unnecessary vaccinations if the body already has the level of immunity to resist infections. Prices vary by Titer.
  • Blood Draws
    Already have a doctor’s order for a blood draw or if they have ordered testing from another lab? TestSource Lab is happy to conduct blood draws, prepare the specimen and ship the kit for you ($25).
  • STD/STI Testing
    Our confidential services allow you to order your own testing to give you peace of mind. Please see our section on STD & STI testing for more information.
Blood tubes
Flu Shots in Kalamzoo
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