Criminal Background Checks

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Criminal Background Screening, Kalamazoo - TestSource Labs

Pre-employment Background Screening Helps Avoid Unpleasant Surprises and potential lawsuits

The owner of TestSource Lab received more than 12,000 applications per year in his former HR position and strongly believes it is in the best interest of all employers to run a background check on new hires.  


A legal background screening provides insightful information on a person's past and can indicate their behavior in the future.  Be in full compliance to avoid lawsuits by your other employees & customers to screen out those with violent, sexual and theft convictions.  We also can work with colleges to conduct background checks on students entering healthcare professions.  Hire the best candidates and leave the rest for your competitors!


Criminal Background Checks Testing Solutions:

At TestSource Lab, we offer a variety of background services for pre-employment including but not limited to:

  • County, State & National database searches
  • Social Security Trace/Verification
  • Address History Search
  • Nationwide Federal Criminal Search
  • Prior Background Check Notification
  • Financial Sanctions List
  • All Terrorist Watch Lists:Global Watch List, OFAC, OIG, ETLS, SDN, GSA
  • Nationwide Criminal/Sex Offender Search
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • Employment History
  • Reference Checks
  • Educational Verification
Criminal Background Search
TestSource Criminal Background Search

As an employer, your time is important and working with an HR partner you can trust is crucial.  Partner with TestSource Lab to ensure you are hiring the most qualified and reputable employees for your business.