How Are DNA Paternity Tests Done?

Paternity DNA Testing in Kalamazoo - TestSource Labs

Who is the father? That’s the question DNA paternity tests answer. Any paternity test looks to determine if a particular man is the father of a child. The DNA paternity test is the best option to answering this question. People looking to get these tests done have many questions. So, how are DNA Paternity tests…

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Flu Shots! Now through May, $30!

Flu Shots at TestSource Lab in Kalamazoo

Avoid the flu this winter with a flu shot from TestSource Lab. Come on in now through May and get your flu shot for only $30! We offer the Quadrivalent flu vaccine which vaccinates against four flu strains — two A strains and two B strains. Protect you and your family. Schedule an appointment or…

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