How Are DNA Paternity Tests Done?

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Who is the father? That’s the question DNA paternity tests answer. Any paternity test looks to determine if a particular man is the father of a child. The DNA paternity test is the best option to answering this question. People looking to get these tests done have many questions. So, how are DNA Paternity tests done? Let’s answer and more below.

How accurate are DNA tests? 

Our DNA test results are 99.9% accurate. DNA testing for paternity is the most accurate paternity test available. We examine DNA using samples from the child and the father and make a comparison. Essentially, half of a child’s DNA comes from the father. DNA, being a genetic fingerprint, totally unique to each individual, will determine paternity.

Can a DNA test be wrong? 

Yes.  Any time a human is involved in processing tests and analyzing results, there can be a miniscule chance of human error. In the case of a DNA paternity testing, that chance is 0.1% or less (that’s less than or equal to 0.001). It’s extremely rare. In fact, at TestSource Labs, we have never had a false test come back. So, while it’s possible for a test to come back wrong, it’s not at all likely.

Which DNA test is most accurate?

It is important for a lab that is accredited and certified by the American Academy of Blood Banks (AABB) to administer the test. Tests performed by AABB certified labs are the most accurate and are court admissible. Something else to consider is if you’re looking to establish paternity for child support or a birth certificate, you will need to use a professional lab. At-home tests for these purposes won’t cut it and courts will not accept the results.

The least accurate DNA tests for paternity are the genetic lineage testing, such as 23andMe and Ancestry. They’re fun, but are no match for a certified lab test.

How does a DNA test work?

DNA tests are very simple, painless tests done with a non-invasive procedure by certified techs. Four swabs are taken inside the cheeks to gather skin samples. These tests can be done in the hospital for newborns just a few hours old. If a prenatal test is needed (before the baby is born), there is a non-invasive prenatal paternity DNA test that uses cheek swabs from dad and a blood draw from mom — no amniocentesis or spinal taps needed.

Interesting DNA Stories

We experience all kinds of DNA stories here at TestSource Labs, some joyous and some heartbreaking. One of our favorites was a test we did for three women in their 60s or 70s. They had all been put up for adoption as kids and were looking to reunite with their siblings. The test results came back…and they were all biological sisters! A lot of happy tears were shed that day in our office.

Sometimes, stories don’t have such happy endings as theirs did. We’ve experienced fathers who discovered that they were not in fact the father after all. So heartbreaking to see somebody who has dedicated so much time and emotion to being a great dad have it all taken away. It’s tragic for both the father and the kid.

We also get regular requests for DNA test for those going on those dramatic talk shows to reveal who the father is.  People can get so wrapped up on their 15 minutes of fame that they forget the lives of those affected by the revealing of these results. We take DNA paternity testing very seriously at TestSource Labs and will generally turn those requests away.

We’ve also done a few post-mortem DNA tests. Those are interesting, but they can be financial life savers for the children of a deceased dad.

A DNA Testing Lab You Can Trust

At TestSource Labs, we provide dignity to our clients who need DNA testing. That includes handling your tests professionally, all the way from the waiting room to the labs back to you. Not one of our test results  has ever been thrown out of court or ruled inadmissible.

I have also spoken to the Kalamazoo County Bar Association, Family Division, twice to educate them on DNA, enlightening judges, magistrates and attorneys.  We are the go to lab for the Kalamazoo family court system, and you’ll find our cards & brochures at the district courthouse.

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