Marijuana Use by Michigan Employees

Michigan Legal Marijuana and the Workplace - TestSource Lab

With the passage of legal recreational marijuana in 2018, Michigan employers might be tempted to drop testing for marijuana use in their employees, or their drug and alcohol testing programs entirely. Maintaining a tight corporate drug testing policy is just as important as ever, in order to keep your workforce safe and productive. According to recent data, failed employee drug tests due to marijuana increased, from just under 2% to over 3%, after recreational cannabis was legalized in Michigan. That’s an increase of over 50%, which is why companies need to give serious consideration to their policies on Marijuana and drug testing overall.

Companies Can Still Set the Rules

While recreational pot is legal statewide, employers still have the legal power and authority to set their own rules. Utilizing pre-employment drug screenings, random drug tests, and spot tests for accidents is still a proven way to keep your workplace safe. Right in the 2018 bill, it’s spelled out for employers, and employees need to be up on this:

“This act does not require an employer to permit or accommodate conduct otherwise allowed by this act in any workplace or on the employer’s property. This act does not prohibit an employer from disciplining an employee for violation of a workplace drug policy or for working while under the influence of marijuana. This act does not prevent an employer from refusing to hire, discharging, disciplining, or otherwise taking an adverse employment action against a person with respect to hire, tenure, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment because of that person’s violation of a workplace drug policy or because that person was working while under the influence of marijuana.”

Employee candidates can be refused employment. Employees can be disciplined or terminated. All because of marijuana use.

Create A Drug Testing Policy

First of all, it’s important to understand that maintaining a safe and efficient workplace is not all about marijuana. Other drugs and alcohol have just as much of an impact on these conditions. That is why having a clear drug use and testing policy is so important to your business.

Second, given the legal status of marijuana in Michigan, it is just as important to clearly set your policy on marijuana use. Put out a clear drug and alcohol policy that all of your employees sign and understand.

Let TestSource Labs Manage Your Drug Tests

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