TestSource Lab Celebrates New Year by offering West Michigan unparalleled DNA Paternity Testing.

TestSource Lab offers DNA paternity testing to all residents for $450. We work with all court systems throughout Michigan and the US to provide court admissible DNA testing. Simple cheek swabs are all that are needed to conduct the DNA testing and typically we test the father and the child or children.

DNA results are AABB compliant and can be admitted into any court system in the US. Not using the results for court but simply want peace of mind? No problem as the testing is the same and results are guaranteed 99.9% accurate.

No appointment are taken for DNA testing and the child/children can come to our clinic either with or separately from the father. One or more parties outside of West Michigan? We can schedule the DNA collection at 4,000 clinics throughout the US.

We can also offer prenatal DNA paternity testing 9 weeks after conception with a blood test from the mom-to-be and a cheek swab from the dad-to-be. Cost is $1,700 for prenatal DNA testing is $1,700.

Contact us for more information: [email protected]